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New-U Body Transformation Program

$200 Per Month -Here is what's included:

Practicing Yoga

Mobile workouts!

Take your plan anywhere! Home or the gym! This mobile version of the workouts section gives you descriptions, how-to videos, set and rep ranges. 

Done for you meal plans! This includes multiple recipes. Vegan options included

New-U Transformation Nutrition Calculator 

Advanced AI meal planner tool. We use the most advanced AI technology to help you plan your meals. Using it is as simple as typing in the kind of recipes you need and it creates them for you. For example if you’re a vegan who need quick recipes simply tell the meal plan you need a vegan recipe that takes 10 minutes to prepare. 

Video diet guide on eating for fat loss. Learn the basics of proper dieting. My easy to understand approach teaches what you need to know about eating for losing fat and toning up.

How to Properly Train instead of just exercising video guide. Most people exercise and see no changes year after year. This is because they are not training. It is proper training that gives results. These lessons will teach you how to do that.

Consistency video trainings - this is the most important part to get long lasting results. I teach you the principles that have allowed over 1000 of my clients to stay consistent.

Access to New-U Transformation Academy

1 on 1 coaching - Are you struggling with a slow metabolism, stubborn belly fat, yoyo dieting or just not staying committed to a diet or exercise routine? If the answer is yes, the problem is you haven't found a system that's been created for your individual situation. 

Cookie cutter workouts from YouTube, fad diets on Google, even in person fitness boot camps aren't designed with you in mind. This is why the results will be unattainable or not sustainable. At Modern Sapien Fitness we take a personalized approach to fitness because personalized works. 

Our mission is to get you results that last for life. We do this by creating individualized programs based on your goals, challenges and strengths. This process is not static. It's dynamic and evolves with you so it stays effective and relevant over time. We take a you first approach to coaching so it’s personalized for your needs. There are 3 Pillars we focus on. Those Pillars are Nutrition, Training and Accountability.

1. Nutrition -  We build you a custom meal plan that includes foods you love while getting you results. It is our philosophy that a diet should be enjoyable and effective. We deliver that in our program.

2. Training - You receive your workouts through a training app which has instructional video as well as access to me your coach. The workout program is updated weekly based on your performance. This way you're never over training or under training keeping things both effective and safe. 

3. Accountability - With in person coaching you're only held accountable in session. That's not the case here. I am available to you Monday-Saturday to answer any questions and help you along your journey. You also will access to my private community the New-U Body Transformation Academy 

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